West Side Market  1979 W. 25th St.
Dave's Supermarket  2700 Carroll Ave.
U.S. Bank Bldg.  3104 W. 25th St.
Tony's Deli  3264 Scranton Rd.
Metro Hospital Outpatient Pavillion  2500 Metrohealth Dr.
Metrohealth Emergency  2500 Metrohealth Dr.
Metrohealth Family Practice  2500 Metrohealth Dr.
Metro Hospital Main Lobby  2500 Metrohealth Dr.
Metro Hospital Cafeteria  2500 Metrohealth Dr.
Cuyahoga County Public Library  2500 Metrohealth Dr.
Hispanic Community Center  3305 W. 25th St.
Dickey Lanes  3275 W. 25th St.
Cleveland Public Library  2704 Clark Ave.
Cleveland Public Library  3545 Fulton Rd.
Charlie's Beverage  4171 Ridge Rd.
4 Paws Grooming Fulton Shopping Center
Bargain Thrift Store Fulton Shopping Center
Yellow Goose Market  7460 Memphis Ave.
Brooklyn Senior & Community Center  7727 Memphis Ave.
Elizabeth's Image  4355 Ridge Rd.
Plaza Grande  7106 Biddulph Rd.
Salvation Army  6990 Biddulph Rd.
Pearl Brookpark Car Wash 5133 Pearl Road
Neighborhood Family Practice  3569 Ridge Rd.
Famous Gyro George  3765 Ridge Rd.
The Monkey Bar & Grill  5517 Memphis Ave.
Cuyahoga County Job & Family Services  4261 Fulton Pkwy.
Memphis Tavern  4818 Memphis Ave.
Bella Pizza  4830 Memphis Ave.
Snack Box Food Mart  4920 Memphis Ave.
Metrohealth Medical Group  5202 Memphis Ave.
Bi-Rite Supermarket  4215 Fulton Rd.
Estabrook Recreation Center  4125 Fulton Rd.
Subway  6220 Memphis Ave.
Memphis Corner Food Mart  6226 Memphis Ave.
Mr. Peabody's  4967 Pearl Rd.
Jack Frost Donuts  4960 Pearl Rd.
Danny Mac's Irish Pub  4920-22 Pearl Rd.
Music Club & Grille  4916 Pearl Rd.
Greek American Social Club  4916 Pearl Rd.
AmPol Halls  4737 Pearl Rd.
Mandy's Lounge  4703 Pearl Rd.
Convevient Food Mart  4475 Pearl Rd.
Pearl Rd. Tavern & Eatery  4370 Pearl Rd.
Gyro Guys  4348 Pearl Rd.
Cleveland Public Library  4303 Pearl Rd.
Gus' Family Restaurant  4377 State Rd.
Café Miami  4517 State Rd.
Wexler's Tavern  4555 State Rd.
Dart Inn  4693 State Rd.
Larry's Tavern  4716 State Rd.
State Rd. Beverage & Deli  4810 State Rd.
Charlie's Dog House Diner  2102 Brookpark Rd.
Shaker's Tavern  2350 Brookpark Rd.
Donut Connection  4855 Broadview Rd.
Ziggy's Produce & Market  4641 Broadview Rd.
Dairy Mart  4621 Broadview Rd.
Michael's Bakery  4478 Broadview Rd.
Steve's Family Restaurant  4457 Broadview Rd.
Old Brooklyn CDC  2339 Broadview Rd.
Tattoo Café  2141 Broadview Rd.
Gabe's Family Restaurant  2044 Broadview Rd.
George's Tavern  2136 Broadview Rd.
Deaconess Senior Life Office  3100 Devonshire Rd.
Metrohealth Old Brooklyn Health Center  4229 Pearl Rd.
Brown's Grill & Lanes  3857 Pearl Rd.
Happy's Pizza  3849 Pearl Rd.
Moncho's Bar & Grill  2317 Denison Ave.
Crew & Fades Barber Shop  3815 Pearl Rd.
Convenient Food Mart  3747 Pearl Rd.
Georgio's Oven Fresh Pizza  3732 Pearl Rd.
China Town I  3718 Pearl Rd.
Spin Cycle  3716 Pearl Rd.
Cleveland Public Library  3706 Pearl Rd.
Agape Style Studio 2140 Broadview Road
Pawlak's Florist 5264 State Road
Cheap Tobacco  5560 Ridge Rd.
Rudy's Strudel  5580 Ridge Rd.
Parma Café  5780 Ridge Rd.
Barabicu Smokehouse  5767 Ridge Rd.
Ridgewood Inn  5759 Ridge Rd.
Cuyahoga County Public Library   2121 Snow Rd.
Sittoo's Pita & Salads  5870 Ridge Rd.
Colozza's Cakes & Pastries  5880 Ridge Rd.
Parma City Hall  6611 Ridge Rd.
Fitworks  7723 W. Ridgewood Dr.
Parma Medical Arts Bldg. I  7101 Powers Blvd.
Parma Hospital Emergency  7007 Powers Blvd.
Parma Hospital Main Entrance  7007 Powers Blvd.
Parma Medical Arts Bldg. II  6707 Powers Blvd.
Parma Medical Arts Bldg. III  6525 Powers Blvd.
Cuyahoga County Public Library   6996 Powers Blvd.
Tri-C West  11000 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Goodtime Charlie's  5771 Pearl Rd.
Das Schnitzel Haus  5728 Pearl Rd.
Malloy's  5726 Pearl Rd.
Gaelic Imports  5663 Pearl Rd.
Hobart Health Foods  5629 Pearl Rd.
Jimmy's Place  5606 Pearl Rd.
Club 42  5542 Pearl Rd.
Raxx Burgers Brews & Cues  5513 Pearl Rd.
The Hot Dog Diner  5494 Pearl Rd.
Beverage House  5347 Pearl Rd.
Luna's Deli & Restaurant II  5198 Pearl Rd.

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